How to Get Your Books Listed on

Publish on Smashwords!

It's easy to get your books listed on Simply publish your books at Smashwords, and they're automatically listed in one or more of the Smashwords Satellite sites.

To publish at Smashwords, you must be the original author of the book, or the exclusive digital publisher.

Smashwords for Authors

Smashwords is a free service that helps you publish, promote and sell your masterpiece as a multi-format ebook, ready for immediate sale online at a price you determine. Because we publish your book in multiple ebook formats, your book is readable on any e-reading device, including the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, the Sony Reader and others. As a Smashwords author, you gain exclusive access to free, do-it-yourself book marketing tools to help you promote your book.

Smashwords for Publishers

If you're a publisher of two or more different authors, and you want to list and control their titles on Smashwords, then upgrade your account to Publisher status. This allows you to list and publish all your authors and their titles as multi-format, DRM-free ebooks. Each publisher is provided a custom-branded online bookstore, and the ability to list an unlimited number of ebook titles from an unlimited number of authors. Publishers receive up to 85 percent of the net sales proceeds from their titles, and gain access to numerous free promotion and selling tools offered by Smashwords, including our popular ebook Coupon Generator which makes it easy to run custom coupon promotions across online social networks, blogs and web sites. Before upgrading your account, please read this documentation about the Publisher account.

About Smashwords

Smashwords ebooks are available for sale in the Smashwords online bookstore, and are distributed within the native catalog of Stanza, the #1 most popular e-reading app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (over 1.8 million users). All Smashwords books receive free promotion via the Smashwords Satellite network, including Smashwords authors and publishers also benefit from promotion from a small but growing network of Smashwords affiliates (authors, publishers, online communities, bloggers, professional marketers) who refer ebook buyers to Smashwords in exchange for commissions of 11 percent or more.

Getting Started

Publishing on Smashwords is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Format your manuscript per the guidelines in the Smashwords Style Guide (IMPORTANT!!)

Step 2: Open a free Smashwords account, then click Publish on the home page and follow the simple steps to publish your book instantly

Step 3: Read the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide for valuable book marketing tips!


Learn More About Publishing on Smashwords

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2. Read the Smashwords Book Marketing Guide for an overview of what we offer authors and publishers.

3. Read the Smashwords Style Guide for important ebook formatting tips

4. Visit the Smashwords Support Page for frequently asked questions.

5. Read our terms of service (our publishing contract with you)

6. Read the buzz about Smashwords in the Smashwords press room