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The love of my death.

—Let's go at once— thought Aníbal.

—Where do you want us to go? — thought Julio.

—Go to the hell—I was going to think.

They had gone to try to convince me. They were encouraging me to come back, along with them, to throw my lottery ticket.

I had not prepared it. I had to fill out forms, questionnaires, complete the application, that is, a number of routine procedures.

Some time ago, Yes, I wanted to do it, I was determined. The love of my death was waiting for me, but things changed.

She was a shining alive girl; she was a bright star in the life of the living people.

Me, on the contrary, I was a common dead. My name did not appear in the newspapers, I did not have a minuscule success or crime to brag about.

I saw her for the first time on the day of my funeral. She stopped for a moment in front of the coffin. I guess to verify that she did not know me.

The event was attended by the ones I expected. Some other enemy, which was over there to make sure that I was actually dead, the garbage dumps of the district, the man of whom I was a tenant; who had the intention to claim his rent, in addition to the casual onlookers, among whom she was.

She looked at me; my heart began to warm, because beating could not.

Julio, was explaining to me that the process for the applications to new opportunities was complex. I should fill a form, in which I must detail my intentions concisely, summarize the data I could remember about my previous lives.

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